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repair parts cryopump

  • Cryopump Monitor

    2019-4-17 · Cryopump Monitor . Lake Shore Model 818 / ... prepaid, the company will repair, or at its option replace, any part found to be defective in material or workmanship, without charge to the Owner for parts, service labor or associated customary shipping cost.

  • CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 320FE Cryopump

    Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 320FE Vacuum Cryopump - REBUILT. Call for a quote. Ask us for options you would like included e.g. a three phase motor or a Fast Regen module. We also offer one year warranty repair service. View the other On-Board IS models.

  • Cryocoolers and Marathon CP Cryopumps Service

    2021-12-17 · This unique service option is the result of the high-quality, ultra-reliable Displex® Cryocooler technology found in all APD, Marathon and CP Series Cryopumps. Displex Cryocoolers have a long and successful operating history, …

  • About | American Cryogenic Vacuum Supply | United States

    ComSat engineers developed expert pump servicing, repair and rebuild capabilities. In the 1980s, they opened a small cryopump servicing and supply company called Cryogenic Vacuum Service. American Cryogenic Vacuum Supply (ACVS) spawned from Cryogenic Vacuum Service, opening in …

  • SHI Cryogenics Group

    2021-12-19 · Products. From Gifford-McMahon and Pulse Tubes Cryocoolers, to Cryopumps and Cold Traps, the SHI Cryogenics Group offers a wider range of quality cryogenic equipment than any other manufacturer. Powered by our line of helium compressors, SHI products have been meeting and exceeding the needs of our diverse customer base for over 50 years.

  • Semiconductor Equipment Spare Parts

    SYSTA provides customers with the superior service of supporing the spare parts and used or refurbished equipements of the best quality in the world wide. ... OB IS320F Cryopump,STAINLESS STEEL,Repair 8185135G002R Working condition. Cryopump * Name * Company * E-Mail ... Cryopump. Part Class: Spare Parts * Partner:

  • Cryo Pump Repair | Cryo Vacuum Pumps

    Whether refurbished equipment sales or repair, each cryogenic vacuum pump undergoes a complete remanufacture…not even the OEMs will deliver that. Bill of Material replacement parts on par with OEM standards. The only independent …

  • Cryopump & Robot service. 2011 JEL Robot,JEL,,,JEL Robot.

  • Parts Precision Technology (S) Pte Ltd l Innovative Minds ...

    Models of Cryopump Repair. IMPLANT PVD. 1) OBIS-250 1) OBIS-8F. 2) OBIS-320. New Parts and Parts Related Services - 2nd Source Aluminum Parts: - CVD and Dry Etch parts (Bare Aluminum, Anodized, Ceramic PK Kits, Quartz) Cleaning, Refurbishment and Re-anodizing services. Overhaul and Repair Services - HP/HP+, P5000,Optima, VHP, MIRRA robots & arm ...

  • Vacuum

    All parts. Accessories, cables, etc. are not included unless pictured or described. If in doubt, please contact us before purchasing. Click an Image to Enlarge CTI Cryogenics 8300 Helix Helium Gas Vacuum Compressor Cryopump 400PSIG/2758KPa*FOR PARTS OR REPAIR* Model: 8300 P/N: 8052000 Factory Test Pressure: 400PSIG/2758Kpa Physical Condition: Fair.

  • Cryopump maintenance and repair kits

    Cryopump maintenance and repair kits. Skip to main content. × Home Services Products Catalogs Downloads Tech Support About Contact Careers (505) 872-0037. (505) 872-0037. ☰.

  • Helium Lines & Fittings

    14  · Cryopump repair parts CTI Cryopump. Cryopump Wrench Set P/N: 100412 $125.00 …

  • Contact Us

    Cryopump repair parts CTI Cryopump. Email: [email protected] Phone: (512) 767-2850 Inquiries: Austin Cryogenics Co.

  • Bay Technologies

    Cryo pump prices are for standard repairs, charges will be applied for replacement of broken or missing parts. Repair of pumps includes 15K cryo- adsorbing array, all o-rings, seal #1 and #2, Kap-gland and inlet seal, upper and lower bushings, …

  • Cryopump Repair Parts Archives

    2021-11-21 · Specialty Fluids Company is now offering a complete line of quality low cost cryopump repair parts. These non OEM products are manufactured to meet or exceed the original manufacturers specifications and are direct …

  • Cryogenic Vacuum System Support

    Cryogenic Vacuum System Needs: Cryopump Repair/Rebuild, Compressor Repair/Rebuild, Refurbished/Rebuilt Cryopumps & Compressors, Spare Parts, Vacuum Systems

  • Basics and applications of cryopumps

    2009-8-6 · Cryogenics (now with Brooks Automation Inc.) is the leading global cryopump manufacturer. In Europe, turbomolecular pumps have widely re placed cryopumps in vacuum process plants. 3 Cryopumping fundamentals By international classification, a cryopump is defined as a vacuum pump which captures the gas by

  • Cryo Vacuum Pump Rebuilding Services | ADVACO …

    2021-2-19 · 2 Year Warranty: All ADVACO pump rebuilds are covered by our exclusive two year warranty, from the date of installation, against defects in parts and workmanship. ADVACO offers extensive remanufacturing services for your Brooks/Helix/CTI cryogenic cold-heads.We service all configurations - including Standard, Flat (F), and On-Board (OB, and IS).. We also offer a …

  • Cryopump Repair Parts

    61  · Helium Side Parts Video No. 2 Displacer Seal (Item #1) Installation Video Cryopump Repair Kits, Helium Side (See below for a complete list of kit items) CT-8/8F P/N: 100151 Price: $390.00 CT-10 P/N: 100152

  • Repair of Cryopump and Compressor | Refurbished RF and …

    We provide in-house repair for some of the leading cryopump and compressor. Our service support team is well-trained and has over 10 years of technical experience with high vacuum and cryogenics technology also provides: Repair / overhaul of cryopump and compressor. Exchange of CTI cryopump and compressor. Cryopump upgrade or conversion.

  • Cryo Pump Repair – Trillium

    Cryo Pump Repair Trillium takes pride in the personal approach to customer service and support. Dedicated professionals, based in our world class manufacturing and repair facilities provide comprehensive repair services, …

  • Cryopump maintenance and repair kits

    CONTACT US Ideal Vacuum Products, LLC 5910 Midway Park Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109-5805 Phone: (505) 872-0037 Fax: (505) 872-9001 [email protected]

  • Semiconductor Equipment Spare Parts

    0190-13371 [ APPLIED MATERIALS ] CRYOPUMP, OB 8F FR W/RECSSD HTR LD, 3PH, 8116143G001, Net dimensions and weight, 550*260*240mm / 25kg. Detail. Used. Out of Stock.

  • Cryogenic Pump Repair | Brooks-CTI Cryo-Torr | Trillium ...

    The equipment we rebuild most frequently for our customers is shown below, however, if you have a product that is not listed and you need it serviced, please call us at 866-DRY-PUMP (866-379-7867) Manufacturer. Item. Models. Austin Scientific/Oxford/Trillium. Cryo Pumps. Cryoplex®, 8, 8LP, 10, 10LP, 16. Austin Scientific/Oxford/Trillium.

  • CTI-Cryogenics 8112582G001 Cryopump Vacuum …

    2021-10-31 · Oxford Austin RK-CT8 Cryopump Cryo-Plex 8 Repair Kit Bearing O-ring Sight Parts. ... CTI Cryogenics 15KCA-8 Cryopump 15K CHARCOAL Array Kit for Cryo-Plex 8 Mount Kit. $79.00 + shipping + shipping + shipping. Seller positive Seller positive Seller positive. CTI-Cryogenics 8107038 Cryo-Torr 8F Cryopump, High Vacuum Pump, 30 Day ...

  • Bay Technologies

    2021-5-5 · Repair Service Terms. Cryo pump prices are for standard repairs, charges will be applied for replacement of broken or missing parts. Repair of pumps includes 15K cryo- adsorbing array, all o-rings, seal #1 and #2, Kap …

  • CTI-Cryogenics Cryopumps

    2021-12-16 · CTI-Cryogenics is the global leader in cryogenic high vacuum technology. CTI builds a broad array of cryopumps and cryopump systems designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and productivity. From our single cryopumps used in a spectrum of high technology research applications to our sophisticated cryopump systems used in the ...

  • Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board Cryopump

    We have stock of completely rebuilt and remanufactured Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board cryopumps. These cryogenic vacuum pumps feature the Fast Regen™ capability which extends cryopump performance between regenerations. On-Board cryopumps offer consistent performance and come equipped with fully integrated controls.

  • Ideal Vacuum | Parts, Kits, Temp Indicators, Accessories ...

    Ideal Vacuum | Parts, Kits, Temp Indicators, Accessories, CTI Cryopumps Kits, Parts, Accessories. Skip to main content. × Home Services Products Catalogs Downloads Tech Support About Contact Careers (505) 872-0037. (505) 872-0037. ☰.

  • CTI On-Board IS 320FE

    Consumable parts vary with model type. Brooks CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 320FE - Scope of Work. One year warranty repair service. PTB Sales will perform the following: 1. Incoming Inspection. Attach work order to cryopump. Picture taken of cryopump''s mechanical configuration. S/W version recorded on work order.

  • Challentech offers high quality maintenance repair kits and service parts for Brooks/CTI cryopumps. All of our parts are guaranteed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and every part must pass a thorough inspection before it is accepted our inventory. -- CTI Cryopump Maintenance Kits and Service Parts. -- On-Board and On-Board IS Array kits ...

  • Home Page [austincryogenics ]

    Cryopump Repair Parts Routine cryopump preventive maintenance should be performed each time your system is off-line for scheduled service. Your technicians should take advantage of this down-time to overhaul the cryopumps. Our Cryopump Repair Parts are quality-oriented designed and manufactured replacement parts with years of proven reliability.

  • General Applications and Accessories, Cryo Pumps

    2014-2-3 · vacuum flange, the cryopump offers the highest pumping speed of all high vacuum pumps. Advantages offered by Design In contrast to gas transfer high vacuum pumps (mechanically suspended tur-bomolecular pumps, for example), cryo pumps do not have any mechanically moving, oil, or grease lubricated parts on the vacuum side.

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